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Leave the Bulky bottle at home!

Now you can bring a whole bottle of wine, champagne, or cocktails with Wine2Go!


Insulated Totes

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Silicone Drinkware

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As seen in:

Silicone Wine Cups

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Poolside vibes for the summer & for the gram!

I'll sip to that

Did you know that Wine2Go has been celebrated as the ultimate way to transport your vino anywhere your wine loving heart desires?

No Unicorns were harmed in the creation of our internet famous iridescent vessels. Check out the collection and let in all colors of the rainbow.

clearly unbreakable

Crystal Clear Drinkware Made with Platinum Silicone


Friends with bennies

Psst... Click here for some super rad silicone straws that we're giving away because we think you need them. Because plastic straws just plain Suck dude.